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    • Addictions Counsellor

    About Mike Niezen

    Mike’s style of counselling focuses on the fact that “we cannot heal what we cannot feel and we cannot feel what we do not know”. As an addict in recovery, Mike realizes that knowing what we feel is an integral part of being in balance with our thoughts and actions. He has a desire to help people live with more awareness of their inner selves to prevent them from living in reaction.

    Mike looks at challenging old survival skills and finding new, healthier ways to cope with life as it is. Along with education as a Life Skills Coach and a diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling, Mike brings eight years of experience in the field of addictions. Mike has spent time in a monastery in Thailand and several years living with small tribes in Southeast Asia which has helped him to foster a presence of calm acceptance. He brings this to his work with our clients to help create the safety needed for people to share their inner selves.

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