Kelly Hughston-BulmerAdministrative Assistant


    • Administrative Assistant

    About Kelly

    Kelly has lived in Cranbrook since 1990, along with her husband.  Kelly is a very proud mother of 3 children and two grandsons. Kelly’s enthusiastic about continuing education, “everyday is a learning day”, having earned two Bachelor Degree’s, one in Social Sciences and one in Human Services.  Kelly is currently studying Drug and Alcohol Treatment in addition to Relaxation Therapy.

    Kelly has worked in the Wellness Industry for over 15 years, beginning with opening a Wellness Center she owned and operated.  Kelly believes that addiction does not define a person.  Kelly’s own journey brought her to the Ranch in 2015.

    Kelly is passionate about providing support and encouragement to each client that comes to the Ranch.  “The Ranch is about possibilities, opportunity and second chances, this is what Top of the World has provided to me, if I can give back even a little to each person that comes through the Gates, I am a blessed person.

    “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” – Dalai Lama

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