Dr. Mike HarachOutdoor Experiential Program Facilitator


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    About Dr. Mike Harach (Mountain Mike)

    Mike..or “Mountain Mike” as the clients like to call him ..is a retired doctor of Chiropractic with over 20 years experience in assisting people reduce their pain, improve their health, and achieve and maintain stability and balance in their lives. Dr. Mike is an avid outdoor enthusiast, sportsman and naturalist who facilitates the ranch’s Fortification program, co-facilitates the men’s group, and is involved with new client orientation, the ranch’s “Equine Encounter”, it’s Transitional Living Program, and Outdoor Experiential programming. Mike is also involved with program and facilities enhancement and has played a key role in the development and ongoing enhancement of many of Top of the World Ranch’s signature features such as it’s extensive trail network, meditation labyrinth, sweat lodge, medicine wheel, energy vortex, 12-step trail, silent retreat Poustinia, and Kairos house.

    “I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do and call it work. I believe in letting nature do the heavy lifting to reconnect people with their innate spirituality and true passions. Utilizing adventure therapy and the incredible 20,000 acre setting of the ranch – I get to prove the existence of sober fun and repeatedly witness the deep healing that can occur when clients reach… and spend prolonged time in… a state of awe, wonder and appreciation of the natural world.”

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