Dr. Michael SobocinskiClinical Director


    Counselling Psychologist

    About Dr. Michael Sobocinski
    (with Clyde)

    I am trained as a Counselling Psychologist, currently licensed in both British Columbia and Alaska. My experience includes working with children, adolescent and adult clients, many of whom have experienced both serious mental health and substance abuse disorders. When I consider the trajectory of my professional career, I inevitably come back to the idea of community. From my first job out of college teaching high school, to my work in several psychiatric residential treatment and inpatient psychiatric settings, to my more recent work in university and community mental health settings, it has been the interpersonal connections that have been critical to the success of my work. At Top of the World Ranch, I enjoy working as a mental health professional in a comprehensive, holistic setting where people have the opportunity to grow and heal in a community of caring professionals and clients. I am grateful to be here.

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