Ranch Detox

Full service, medically supervised Detox that provides an introduction to recovery programming

Detox Center Canada

Detox at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

Our unique detox program offers a safe and comfortable place to detoxify, in a beautiful area that soothes the mind, body, and spirit. Unlike most detox centres, we also provide an introduction to recovery programming, counselling, and a personalized aftercare plan.
This is the first step in the journey forward to a healthy, sober life.  We take every opportunity to encourage, comfort and educate our clients as they travel through the process of finding recovery.

Our Detox Program Includes:

  • 24 hour medical supervision
  • Private suite in a luxury cabin
  • Mindfulness meditation and grounding techniques for managing anxiety, depression, and other emotions
  • Aftercare Counselling and development of individualized discharge plan of care
  • Education on addiction, treatment options, and discovering motivation for change
  • introduction to recovery programming
  • Delicious world class cuisine

What is Detox?

Welcome to
Top of the World Ranch

Private and Secluded Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Men and Women on 600 acres in the Rocky Mountains

The Details

Goals of Detox program:
To facilitate successful physical detoxification, develop aftercare plan involving formal and informal supports in the client’s community, gain client commitment to accessing ongoing care and support as per their aftercare plan when they leave Detox.


$775/day for Detox-only, $650/day if client enters Top of the World Ranch Residential Treatment (discount applied after entering residential treatment at Top of the World Ranch). 


Minimum length of stay for Detox-only clients:  5 nights

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