Primary Treatment Programs at Top of The World Ranch Treatment Centre

Our comprehensive Primary Treatment Programs are designed to stabilize our clients and help them gain a strong foothold in sobriety, but beyond that we also help our clients understand why they became addicted in the first place and what will be required to maintain recovery going forward. We help our clients as they find their own meaning and purpose in a sober life.

Our Core programs are the 45 and 60 day lengths because industry research is clear that sobriety outcomes improve with extended treatment times.  We do offer a 30-day Accelerated Program for applicants who have accomplished some degree of sobriety on their own, who are high functioning, and highly motivated to remain sober. We also offer a 90 day program for those who need the extra time and support to gain a strong grasp on their sobriety.

To summarize, our Primary Treatment Programs are available in the following lengths of time:

  • 30-day Accelerated Program
  • 45-day Core Program
  • 60-day Core Program
  • 90-day Extended Program
  • And additional days can be added to any program.

Research shows that outcomes improve with extended treatment stays.

A helpful report by the US Government National Institute for Drug Abuse/National Institute of Health includes additional information on program lengths.

A treatment length of 45 days or more is recommended if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

  1. Have I received counselling and/or attended prior addictions treatment and have relapsed at least once before?
  2. Do I still have some uncertainty that I am addicted, even though the evidence shows otherwise?
  3. Have I been drinking or using since my teens?
  4. Do I use and/or drink in large quantities for extended periods of time with little to no sobriety?
  5. Do I know deep down that 30 days is not enough time for me but am fearful of committing to a longer stay?
  6. Do I have concerns other than my addiction(s) that I would like to work through while in treatment?
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