Our Fortification Program is available to clients who have embraced the regular programming and are ready to take their treatment to the next level.

With world-class Canadian Rocky Mountain scenery and virtually endless options for recreational activities, we easily tailor our experiential activities to meet any group wherever they are physically. Typical Fortification activities can range from simply circling up around a campfire in a scenic drive-to location, to soaking in natural mountain hot springs, canoeing or kayaking, to hikes and/or rock climbing or caving.

Clients are eligible to attend Fortification on or after their 37th day in primary programming. To be eligible for the Fortification Program, clients must be in good standing and participating to the best of their ability in regular programming.

To Fortify is to strengthen — and Fortification programming paves the way for clients to strengthen their determination to stay on track with sobriety once their time at Top of the World Ranch comes to an end.

A client’s counsellor and/or the clinical team reserves the right to deny or delay participation in Fortification programming.

Recovery is a marathon and not a sprint. We don’t want our clients to be out there just surviving… we want them out there thriving. We want our clients to be living fun, exciting, adventurous, and passion-filled lives. Fortification programming is geared toward helping our clients get much better at creating good days and adventures for themselves and the people in their sober lives. It is about letting Mother Nature do the heavy lifting and making it a priority to explore, discover… or re-discover…their passions.
Mike Harach, Men’s Group & Outdoor Experiential Program Facilitator
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