The Detox Program at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

Many clients begin their treatment at Top of the World Ranch at our Detox Facility before moving into Primary Treatment.

Clients who are not abstinent from substances for 72 hours enter our treatment program through an assessment period in detox. All clients who are 25 years of age or younger begin their treatment in detox for a period of medical and psychosocial assessment and preparation for treatment.

Our Detox Program is available to individuals who commit to recovery treatment after finishing detox, at Top of the World Ranch or elsewhere. If a potential client plans to seek recovery treatment elsewhere (such as intensive outpatient, or working with a counsellor/psychologist), we reserve the right to verify this as part of our approval process. We screen all detox applicants individually to ensure that we are able to meet their needs.

All detox clients will have a medical assessment by a ranch nurse and are assessed for readiness to attend residential programming. Clients coming into programming have access to our ranch physician, who has extensive experience with detoxification procedures and maintains a Methadone and Suboxone licence. Clients taking Methadone and Suboxone are required to arrive at detox with 5 days of carries.

Detox clients who are assessed as healthy enough for exercise will have access to the ranch gymnasium, with an array of equipment and an infrared sauna to promote the detoxification process.

Having a detox facility available at the Ranch means that there are no sobriety requirements to attend treatment at the Ranch. However, clients must maintain self-control and display respectful and safe behaviour toward themselves, other clients and staff. Safety for all is the first priority.

The same world-class chefs who prepare meals for our clients in Primary Treatment also attend to our clients in detox and so the meals are very healthy and delicious.

“With our combination of natural and created beauty, our caring, compassionate and highly trained staff, and the incredible life changing experience that our programs offer, there is no other place like Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre. The addition of our private medically supported detox now completes our circle of care.”
Mark Sadler, Executive Director

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