Discover Top of the World Ranch

One cannot overestimate how much our 600 acre Ranch adds to your experience of recovery.

There are many areas around the lodge and cabins to relax and take in the beauty of the ranch and surrounding land.

The serenity, the beauty, the outdoor activities, the physical, emotional and spiritual awakening while experiencing them… strengthens our addiction recovery.

The beautiful natural surroundings allow us to feel deeply, find our best selves, connect to a higher power and connect to others in a way that a more institutional setting simply does not.

higher power
Explore Top of the World Ranch

Elk View Tower

Located in a very peaceful place on the ranch, the Elk View Tower on our ridge walk provides an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains, the ranch fields and Geese Lake. It is truly a breathtaking experience enhanced by the healing sound of the tower’s beautiful wind chimes whenever there is a breeze.

Fire pit

Our clients often gather at our river rock fire pit to watch a roaring fire and engage in heartfelt and supportive conversation with one another.


The labyrinth, a path for walking meditation, is a special tool when used with mindful intention, to lessen stress and gain serenity. Labyrinth walking has been proven to increase levels of relaxation, clarity, peace, centredness, openness, quiet and reflectiveness, and reduce levels of anxiety, stress and agitation. According to the U.S. Labyrinth Society: “The experience of labyrinth walking supports recovery, renewal, integration of the whole person, and facilitating a sense of harmony.”

At the ranch, you can meditatively walk our labyrinth or just sit in the peacefulness of the labyrinth’s forest setting.


We have two lakes on the ranch. Geese Lake is on the deeded ranch property and Loon Lake, where we have canoes, paddles and lifejackets, is two kilometres long just off the northern edge of our deeded ground, on Crown land. Clients enjoy canoeing, swimming, and fishing on both lakes.


The Poustinia — a small, wooden cabin considered to be our on-site hermitage — is a short walk from the lodge and cabins area, but is far enough removed to allow our clients, one person at a time, to take a silent retreat of contemplation, inspired reading and, if you wish, prayer and meditation.


There are countless places to walk, hike, or mountain bike. Depending on the time of year, you will also have opportunity to snowshoe. You can also walk our 12-step trail.

Viewing Spots

Many other gathering and contemplative spots offer a variety of spaces and places for you to just be, to gain proper perspective, to allow your brain to slow down and your heart to open, to breath deep, to release fear and to awaken the soul. This adds to your treatment experience and will allow you to be present — to get out of your head and live from your heart.

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