The Ktunaxa Sweat Lodge at Top of the World Ranch

After many years of contemplating offering a sweat lodge experience here at Top of the World Ranch, the time became right for us to approach our local First Nations the Ktunaxa and to ask if an Elder would be interested in facilitating sweats for our clients.

We at Top of the World Ranch were very clear that we would not offer this life-affirming experience without the Blessing of the Ktunaxa and their involvement in the design, building and facilitation of the sweats. After time and consideration, the Ktunaxa agreed that a sweat lodge experience would offer our clients an opportunity for powerful healing, connection and letting go.

And so, on March 2nd, 2012, the first sweat commenced.

There have been many more since that first one, with many persons and for many reasons. Out of respect for Ktunaxa and for further shelter from the weather, we covered the lodge in a large teepee and put up two more teepees for changing rooms.

Our clients continually tell us how transformative an experience the sweat lodge is, particularly due to the care and consideration given to First Nations ceremony, tradition and culture that permeate the event. The location of the ceremony, at the base of the Rocky Mountains and next to Loon Lake, adds to this special experience.

Experience this powerful and uplifting renewal of self.

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