Why Choose Top of the World Ranch?

We believe we are the best treatment centre for people who want to create positive change in their lives. Here’s why:

Healing power of Nature. Nature helps to heal and the ranch offers Nature’s best, facilitating positive change in a way that a more constricted, urban treatment centre simply cannot.

An extraordinary experience. As a former high-end guest ranch, our facilities are top notch and, in unison with the surrounding 600 acres natural beauty, we offer first-rate accommodations, healthy and incredible food, and world-class outdoor activities.

Compassion for clients. We operate our centre with respect and compassion for our clients as our first priority. We use an individualized case management process for each client, and we help you make good decisions, keep healthy boundaries and stay accountable.

Affordable to attend. Although not inexpensive, we offer great value and an exceptional treatment experience. To put it simply, we charge what we have to, to offer what we do and to be what we are. For all of us at Top of the World, this is a labour of love.

Continuing care. When every client departs, they have in place a very solid recovery plan contract, ranch staff and outside supports that allow for a seamless transition from primary treatment to their continuing care/recovery plan.

“I promise you. Your life can and will improve in every way if you allow it to. The fear is holding you back. Let it go and get the help you need.”
Mark Sadler, Executive Director

Our goal is to offer the best place, program and people that exist for the purpose of being the #1 treatment centre and being recognized as such.

Our client satisfaction and our success rates speak for themselves.

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