At the Ranch, clients experience a holistic program that addresses their social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs through the recovery process.

Each client has a skilled individual counsellor, a continuing care coordinator, an individualized program, and a full cadre of caring professionals dedicated to their wellness.


Welcome to Top of the World Ranch Recovery Centre, in Fort Steele, BC.

Our counsellors provide individual therapy sessions with each of our clients, and also offer group therapy and psych-educational learning oppportunities.

We carefully match clients with counsellors who have skill and experience most likely to be of help to each client.  From there, an individualized treatment plan is created.  Generally, each client will have two hour-long counselling sessions per week.  In addition, each client has his or her own continuing care coordinator with whom they meet weekly, thus the plan for sobriety after leaving the Ranch starts right away.  Small group therapy is also an important aspect of treatment at the Ranch.

Our psych-education seminars cover a wide variety of topics that offer insight into addiction and its effects on the individual and the family, self-care techniques, and especially relapse prevention strategies. Our programming also includes a variety of holistic experiential activities that greatly aid in recovery, such as yoga, mindfulness, 12-step trail, a meditation labyrinth, equine therapy, art and music, and of course lakes, trails, and vistas that are soul-stirring in their own way.

Our highly acclaimed four-day Family Program is offered every six weeks and based on the most recent knowledge in the field of addiction. This Family Program is for all individuals suffering as a result of addiction. Our program will help you to deal with the stresses, lapses in trust and the hurt that accompanies addictions. These four days are designed to begin important conversations between you and your loved one, recovering some of what has been lost, to offer hope and improvement in coping and communication skills and to plant the seed of hope for you and your loved ones.

We encourage clients to try on self-care behaviors such as physical activity consistent with each client’s comfort level, nature walks and meditation.

What makes Top of the World Ranch Recovery Centre special?

An extraordinary

As a former high-end guest ranch, our facilities are top notch and, in unison with the surrounding 600 acres natural beauty, we offer first-rate accommodations, healthy and incredible food, and world-class outdoor activities.

Compassion for

We operate our centre with respect and compassion for our clients as our first priority. We use an individualized case management process for each client, and we help you make good decisions, keep healthy boundaries and stay accountable.

Affordable to

Although not inexpensive, we offer great value and an exceptional treatment experience. To put it simply, we charge what we have to, to offer what we do and to be what we are. For all of us at Top of the World, this is a labour of love.

Where to begin?

Many of our guests choose Top of the World Ranch for our quality of programs and treatments for addictions recovery – but also for our unique, natural location on the western slope of British Columbia’s majestic Rocky Mountains.

We operate our centre with respect and compassion for our clients as our first priority. We use an individualized case management process for each client, and a cadre of supportive staff help clients make good decisions, keep healthy boundaries and stay accountable to their recovery.

Where recovery happens, naturally

If you need more information to make your decision, the best thing to do is give us a call, get a feel for yourself of who we are and are we right for you. Ask questions, trust your gut. 1-888-996-6306.

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