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Programs and Treatments

Addiction Programs and Treatments

We at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre are very confident of the value that we offer to our clients. We are able to offer an exceptional treatment experience, with an excellent staff, location and programs.

Empirically validated information shows that outcomes improve with extended treatment stays. We understand this to be true. We have adjusted our fees to reflect this belief and to help our clients to attend treatment with us for longer stays.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

Time and time again, our clients tell us that we are the best, that there is nothing else like us. But we are not the best centre for people who do not want to be in treatment. We believe that we are the best treatment centre for people who do want to create positive change in their life. Here’s why…

Our Facility

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Situated on 600 acres between two majestic mountain ranges, our guests can truly reconnect with themselves and with nature.

Are you, or someone you love, looking for the path to recovery?
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