Highly skilled, highly qualified, and deeply committed, our staff are here to support your recovery.



Program Support:

  • Mark Sadler Executive Director
  • Kelly Hughston-Bulmer
    Kelly Hughston-Bulmer Admissions and Intake Coordinator
  • Dirk De Geus
    Dirk De Geus Program Facilitator
  • Crystal Ladriere
    Crystal Ladriere Program Facilitator
  • Rob Atamanchuk
    Rob Atamanchuk Maintenance Manager
  • Will Latta
    Will Latta Program Facilitator
  • Roberta Rodgers
    Roberta Rodgers Housekeeping
  • Danielle Strong
    Danielle Strong Digital Marketing & Music Program Facilitator
  • Denise (Dee) Holden
    Denise (Dee) Holden Yoga Instructor


  • Cheldon Schwartz
    Cheldon Schwartz Executive Chef
  • Ryan Gosselin
    Ryan Gosselin Sous Chef
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