The Top of the World Treatment Centre if Fort Steele BC is truly an amazing place.

So you know that we understand…read this.

I know what it’s like. To find yourself stuck, to want to change and to be deathly afraid of having to. To try and figure out the answers to the questions. What is life going to be like for me if I cannot drink, cannot drug? Can I even be social? How the hell am I supposed to go to a wedding, a party, out to dinner with friends or colleagues? How awkward will it be? Do I lie about why I am not drinking? Am I now the elephant in the room? Do I have to disconnect from all my old friends that still use? Do I have to do this forever? How the hell am I supposed to do this forever? Someday I want to go to an all-inclusive…how bad will it suck to watch everyone else have fun but me? How much fun am I having now…how is what I am doing now working out in my life? How is what I am doing now impacting others in a negative way? Why can’t I control this damn thing? God how I hate it…and I cannot wait to have it. I want it, I just don’t want the consequences of having it.

And I hate who I have become. If I saw other people acting like I do, I would loathe them too. People tell me to stop, to slow down, that if I do not, I may die. They do not understand that death is often not a deterrent to addiction. Sometimes it is welcomed. Addiction is dark and lonely place. It can feel like hell and we lose ourselves in it…But we have moments don’t we…we have the occasional glimpse of what it could be like if we were able to make this change, to be sober, to grow into a different version of ourselves. What could we do? What could we become? What would it mean to those in our lives that we care about?
Well I will tell you this. It is not complicated but it is HARD to do. Getting and staying sober is hard to do. It takes effort, understanding, willingness to change, to let go, to forgive, then more effort, then do it all over again.

We can help you figure this out, to figure yourself out. We can help you to become a person that you like, one that you would like to hang around with, to spend time with. Recovery is not all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it sucks. BUT often it is wonderful, inspiring, it can fill us up. Recovery is always the right choice and if you are willing to put in some time and effort, recovery will change you, mature you, help you to become the person, who deep down, you know that you can be. The version of you that exists under the layers of addiction.

We are here to help you. We are very good at it. We hope that you will choose to come to Top of the World Ranch.

Mark Sadler

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we know that addictions are fully treatable.
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