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Month: May 2019



top of the world ranch - values and addiction

Values and Addiction

“I know who they are, and at times, I see them.” This is a familiar statement I have heard from family members about their addicted loved ones.  It is evidence of how much addiction is a disorder of value and values.  We all know that person in our life who

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Addiction does not negotiate - top of the world ranch blog

Addiction Does Not Negotiate…

“Addiction does not negotiate” This is a quote from Eric Clapton, and it couldn’t be more true! It’s amazing how many addicts, alcoholics, whatever terminology you wish, attempts to negotiate with addiction, and every single time they lose, outright. Period. It’s impossible to negotiate with something that doesn’t negotiate back.

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My Wife - Addict to Recovery Warrior

My Wife: Addict to Recovery Warrior

I am married to an addict in recovery. A recovery warrior. Here is a little piece, a little glimpse of what marriage looks like while one partner is living in active addiction. I’m on my way home after just finishing my 12-hour shift working at a facility for people struggling

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