Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

Find recovery from addiction. Experience peace, healing, purpose and meaning at our most beautiful treatment centre.

Addictions Recovery and Treatment Centre in Fort Steele, British Columbia

Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre provides holistic, individually tailored treatment for addiction in a place of unequalled beauty and peace. With deep caring and compassion, we help our clients understand and overcome their addiction, and journey forward to physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.


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Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we understand the confusion and fear of “why do I keep doing this?” and “why can’t I stop?”

We understand the need to “control it this time” — and the inevitable failure to do so.

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we understand and we can help. The treatment we offer is about gaining a strong foothold in sobriety. It is about getting your life back and launching a much healthier, happier life story. It is about becoming the amazing person you really are – the person who is currently trapped under your addiction.

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Where to begin?

Many of our guests choose Top of the World Ranch for our holistic approach and caring staff — but also for our unique, natural location. Here in British Columbia’s majestic Rocky Mountains, you will find the peace, caring, and tools to break free from your addiction and find yourself again.

I was pretty broken when I first walked through your doors. You treated me with respect.  You built me back up and gave me a fighting chance of recovery.” – Shauna

Are you seeking help for yourself?

If you’re serious about recovery, Top of the World Ranch in Fort Steele, BC is one of Canada’s most unique recovery centres. Find out how we can help.

Are you seeking help for a loved one?

Take the first step and help someone you care about. Let us show you around Top of the World Ranch – British Columbia’s premiere recovery centre.


  • Coming to Top of the World saved my life. I had tried various meetings, a psychiatrist, took medications and nothing helped. To me, my drinking was a rash and I needed to find the cause of the rash and not just keep applying Calamine lotion. Top of the World did that. It helped me identify the hole in my soul and then to heal it. The counsellors are caring and knowledgeable and the support staff are just that, very supportive. You could not design a more beautiful location or facility; you can truly find your spirituality here.

  • This has been a life-changing experience. I feel like myself and I feel strong and now have the knowledge and the tools necessary to stay clean and sober, but more importantly to live a happy, healthy, growing life. The staff are absolutely amazing and wonderful. Thank you for the whole person approach to my healing. Just like at our check in/check out, I feel physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually whole.

  • Happy anniversary to us! One year since we left our son in your care. And what an amazing year it has been. We could not be prouder of our son! His desire to take the things you taught him and expand on them… he is truly the person now that I always knew he was. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for him and our family. I continue to be thankful every day that such beautiful people, and such a beautiful place, exists, and that we found it!


British Columbia’s Premiere Addictions and Treatment Centre

Natural Setting
Healing in the Rocky Mountains
Welcome to the Rocky Mountains
Experience your journey back to yourself in the wilderness setting of a world-class Rocky Mountain getaway. Our superb location makes Top of the World Ranch Canada’s top treatment centre.
Luxury Resort
World-class amenities
Resort-Style Recovery
Enjoy over 600 acres of pristine wilderness, amazing amenities, a multitude of activities, private lodging, and delicious food prepared by Red Seal chefs.
Compassionate Care
Experienced staff and specialists
From Experience
Mark Sadler, Top of the World Ranch's Executive Director, has first-hand experience with addiction and recovery. Trust that every detail of your recovery is planned with compassion, understanding and experience.
You're Not Alone
Connect and re-connect
Family Program
Addiction and recovery impacts many people on many levels, and we provide support for the families, friends and employers of our clients both during and after our programs.
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