Private and Secluded Addiction Treatment on 600 acres in the Rocky Mountains

Medically supervised holistic addiction treatment with a special focus for concurrent mental health disorders that is located in a place of surreal natural beauty.  Our program offers detoxification, intensive individual counselling, small group counselling, peer groups, educational seminars, equine therapy, music therapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, aftercare, family program, transitional living for men, and a wide range of outdoor experiences geared toward self-discovery and wellness. 


Drug Rehab - Top of The World Ranch


Canadian Alcohol rehab - Top of the World Ranch
Secluded Alcohol Treatment

When our clients arrive at the Ranch, they are often at the darkest point of their lives and feel isolated, without hope, and exhausted from running from the pain for so long.

Then, change begins.  Here, in a caring and naturally healing space, our clients look at their experiences and feelings with the expert support of counsellors and staff, many of whom have had similar journeys.  Clients feel the support of their peers as a unique community forms and they embark on a journey of self-discovery that enables them to carve a new path forward – a path of wholeness and hope.

And when our clients leave, they do so with the full aftercare support of the Ranch and its many alumni who often stay connected for life and return as guest speakers and participants in alumni events.

We understand, we care, and we know how to help.  Please reach out!

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