Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

Alcohol Treatment CenterAt Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we understand the confusion, the fear, of “Why do I keep doing this? Why can’t I stop”? We understand needing to “control it this time”…and failing. We also understand that persons that suffer, from alcoholism, from drug addiction, or persons that abuse alcohol or abuse drugs are often unsure where to begin when they look for help. Often these persons will need to attend an alcohol treatment center or a drug treatment center or as they are often referred to an alcohol rehab or a drug rehab.

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre in BC, our alcohol rehab programs work. We know that addictions are fully treatable and that addictions treatment is most effective when delivered through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual holistic process, through an addictions treatment program that is formulated from beginning to end with solid evidence based addictions treatment methods, coupled with holistic enhancements, a very knowledgeable, highly qualified compassionate staff and time tested recovery supports.  

Top of the World Ranch Treatment Center has designed what we understand to be the most balanced, congruent and highly effective addictions treatment program that is available anywhere, and that is presented in a safe, very private, contained setting, that's own incredible natural beauty has been enhanced with purpose, to create an experience that is available nowhere else at any price, and one that is designed to help our clients gain a strong foothold in sobriety, into recovery from alcohol addiction, recovery from drug addiction, and recovery from other behavioral and process addictions.

  • At Top of the World Ranch treatment center, our addictions treatment programs work.  We have a very high client satisfaction and success rate. Our clients love us, love our program and know that we know and know that we care.
  • We offer two weekly one to one counselling sessions per client with a qualified addictions counsellor.
  • We offer and encourage attendance at our Family Intensive Program. There is no additional fees for attendance. (See Family Program)
  • We are a 28 bed treatment centre where you will have your own bedroom within a two room cabin or lodge suite. Fully private rooms with ensuite are limited.
  • We offer a very private medically supported detoxification on the ranch in a beautiful log building with a maximum of 4 clients all with their own private bedroom & bathroom with 24/7 staffing.  
  • Our staff is highly trained, highly educated and very committed to your success.
  • We place great focus on recovery planning.
  • When our clients are ready to depart, we offer exceptional continuing care including a recovery plan that is developed throughout your stay, an alumni website with support available from other alumni and our continuing care coordinators. We arrange support for your arrival home with two prepaid counseling sessions, group and alumni supports and pre-arranged continuing care sessions with Michael and Steve, our continuing care staff.
  • Set upon a private 600 acre ranch, we are as beautiful a spot as you will find.
  • Our Chefs are the best around and our food is first rate.
  • We offer a First Nations facilitated sweat lodge and sharing circle experience.
  • We have a lake with canoes; we have beautiful hikes and serene walks. We have mountain bikes and trails to ride them. We have special places like our Elkview Tower, Loon Lake and Geese Lake sharing circles and our 12 step trail.
  • We offer a holistic, highly effective addictions treatment program in a beautiful serene setting on a 600 acre ranch at the foot of the Rockies with a staff that cares and is committed to your success.
  • It is proven that changing ones environment, particularly immersion into nature, creates opportunity for deeper, more rapid positive change in the person. No treatment centre has more to offer toward this than Top of the World Ranch.

We hope this information is helpful in your journey.

Please call and speak to a member of our staff 24/7 (1-888-996-6306) so we may help answer any questions or assist you through the admission process.