Alcohol Treatment Center



Recognizing that the disease of addiction affects the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL-SPIRITUAL dimensions, the clinical team at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre provides a treatment program that addresses all these areas.

The following is why we are the best choice for treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction and process addictions such as gambling and internet addiction. Equally important we address the concerns that fuel addiction, such as trauma, and other challenging life experiences.

  • Our staff are highly qualified, uniquely empathetic, intuitive, supportive and here for the right reasons.
  • We continue to offer two weekly one to one counselling sessions for each of our clients.
  • We offer excellent, impactful, psycho-educational programming and group therapies.
  • We place great focus on recovery planning and relapse prevention.
  • We connect our clients with support systems in their home communities. We arrange for and fund two counseling sessions for each client upon return home with a qualified addicitions counsellor. We have relationships with highly successful supportive organizations and individuals in your area. This will not be left to chance.
  • In concert with each client we create an individualized relapse prevention plan.
  • In addition, after returning home, each client will have continuing care sessions in place with our continuing care coordinators.
  • At graduation, each client becomes a member of our interactive, highly supportive, ranch recovery community website.
  • We attend to our client's families and addiction family dynamics by offering family support programming as part of our overall treatment fees. This is an intensive 4 day program that is offered every 6 weeks. * clients and their families that were not able to attend during the clients stay are welcome to attend over the next 6 month period after the clients graduation from treatment. This program is for client’s families, partners and children 16 years and above. 
  • We are not a 12 step program, however we see great value in 12 step supports and attend 4 mandatory 12 step support meetings per week.
  • We offer both indoor and highly impactful outdoor experiential programming.
  • We offer non-mandatory First Nations led sweat lodge & sharing circle experiences.
  • We offer non-riding equine therapy programming with a professional equine therapy specialist (weather dependant).
  • We offer holistic therapies such as Mindfulness, Yoga & Tai Chi.
  • We have many available extra-therapeutic activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and other outdoor experiences that enhance our client's recovery experience. We also have a fully equipped gym and sauna.
  • We employ World Class Chefs and offer corresponding healthy, delicious, enriching cuisine
  • We are very likely the most beautifully located and private centre that exists and only 20 minutes from Cranbrook, British Columbia.
  • We are a small enough centre for highly individualized attention and large enough to employ some of the very best, highly sought after, people that work in addictions treatment.
  • Our goal is to offer the best place, program and people that exist for the purpose of being the #1 treatment centre and being recognized as such.
  • Our client satisfaction and our success rates speak for themselves.


Which Program is right for me?

A very important question.

We at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre are very confident of the value that we offer to our clients. We are able to offer an exceptional treatment experience, with an excellent staff, location and programs.

Empirically validated information shows that outcomes improve with extended treatment stays. We understand this to be true. We have adjusted our fees to reflect this belief and to help our clients to attend treatment with us for longer stays.  This is a link to a report from the US Government National Institute for Drug Abuse/National Institute of Health. This report has a great deal of helpful information including information on program lengths.

  • Our comprehensive stays in Primary treatment are designed to stabilize and gain sobriety as are most programs, but beyond that we help our clients to understand and work through their reasons why, and to gain confidence and to release their fear of moving forward in their lives, sober and with purpose and meaning.
  • Our 30 day program is designed for those that are highly motivated to gain sobriety, that have had some degree of sobriety on their own and that are high functioning, beyond the need to end their addictions and move forward into a sober life and a much better way of living.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have I received counseling and/or attended prior addictions treatment and have relapsed at least once before?
  2. Do I still have some uncertainty that I am addicted, even though the evidence shows otherwise? 
  3. Have I been drinking or using since my teens?
  4. Do I use and/or drink in large quantities for extended periods of time with little to no sobriety?
  5. Do I know deep down that 30 days is not enough time for me but am fearful of committing to a longer stay?
  6. Do I have concerns other than my addiction(s) that I would like to work through while in treatment?

Any yes answers to the above questions would be a good indication that a stay of more than 30 days in treatment is the better choice.


Primary Treatment Programs:

  • Our 30 day accelerated program is $15,950 Canadian dollars + 5% GST tax.
  • Our 45 day core program is $21,950 Canadian dollars + 5% GST tax.
  • Our 60 day core program is $27,950 Canadian dollars + 5% GST tax.
  • Our 90 day extended program is $39,950 Canadian dollars + 5% GST tax.
  • Additional days to your programs: $550.00 per day + 5% GST tax.