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    Top of the World Ranch puts great emphasis on the food that we offer to our clients. We have hired what we understand to be the best chefs in a vast geographical distance and the best chefs of any treatment centre. Our food is outstanding and often of high caliber restaurant quality. We serve very well prepared and presented, healthy, nutritious cuisine.

    Our Executive Chef Cheldon is an award winning Red Seal Chef, who prior to coming to work at Top of the World Ranch over 5 years ago, was food prodigy working as an executive chef at the finest hotel in our area in his early 20s. His food is magnificent.

    Linda is our back up Chef for both Cheldon and Ryan and is a very good chef in her own right. Linda was trained locally in the chef’s program at College of the Rockies. Linda adds much to our kitchen both in food offerings and her care and compassion for our clients. You do not want to miss her chocolate zucchini bread.

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