Dirk De GeusFacilitator


    • Program Facilitator

    About Dirk

    Dirk has been a facilitator here at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre since 2008. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he loves the vast nature, tranquility and wildlife here in the East Kootenays.

    Here between the Rocky Mountains and Kootenay River, you will see deer on a daily basis and frequently you see a heard of Elk in the  valley below right from your chair when enjoying a wonderful meal“.

    Dirk enjoys supporting people that come here wanting to make a sometimes hard, but needed decision to change their lives and to take life back in their own hands. Dirk has worked with people from all walks of life throughout different stages in his life. He has done life coaching, relapse prevention and loves helping people slow their mind down through meditation and nature.

    “People say that the Ranch is a special place, which is true, but it is the positive change the people make that come here that makes it special for me”

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