Addiction Treatment Success Rate

Addiction Treatment Success Rate

As you have likely concluded from our website, Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre conducts itself in all aspects with the utmost integrity.

This guiding conscious also extends to the reporting and clarification of our addiction treatment success rate.

Although Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre follows an abstinent based model, the term success rate can be a misnomer due to its all or nothing connotation.

Success can be measured in many ways, such as, “has attending addiction treatment at Top of the World Ranch improved your life” I feel a yes answer to this allows for some success. Or “as a result of your attendance at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, have you gained a better understanding of yourself, of substance abuse, of its root causes and how addictions can be treated?  Do you have the necessary knowledge and tools in place for a happy, fulfilling sober life? Have your relationships with others improved” Yes answers are again a degree of success.

The reason for the above examples is that this is important information.  We are currently collecting this data as well as continuing abstinence vs. slip or relapse since leaving treatment.

Now…on with the good news: With the addition of our exceptional Continuing Care Coordinator, whom has a background in creating data bases as well as holding a Gorski - Cenaps relapse prevention certification, we are very proud to release the following information.

Based on all clients who completed a minimum of our 30 day addictions treatment program and were admitted from March 1 through December 31, 2008

     Relapsed              30.02%
     Fully abstinent     69.98%


What makes our reporting of Stats different from other centres?

Our Centre:

  • Our relapse % includes any use what so ever of alcohol or illicit drug.
  • Our reporting is based on all clients that have completed our program and a minimum of 2 answered phone calls to check their status.
  • Any Client that we were unable to contact personally is put into our relapse%
  • We will continue to update as data is obtained.


Many other centres:

  • Their data include only those clients contacted. Many clients of a particular centre that have relapsed are often unable to be contacted. These clients may not be included in their “success” rate. The smart choice is to ask questions and trust your gut instinct.
  • Some centres do not count slips or even a relapse if the client is not using when the data are obtained. Again ask questions, how is this information obtained? What is it based on? How do you define success?

Finally when making the choice of “which centre” it is very important to know the following information. There are many very good centres out there and some not so good. All the good centres likely have a good program, can create a therapeutic environment, can offer solid recovery tools, and hopefully believe in what they do.

Here is what makes the difference. The client must feel, must know, that the centre and its staff has their best interest at heart. The centre must offer a very solid relapse prevention plan and help put into place strong supports AFTER primary treatment. The centre should have in place or in conjunction with another centre(s) a transitional program for those clients that have completed primary treatment but are not yet ready to drop back into their “pre-treatment environment” The centre should have a family program component for the wellbeing of the entire family and to offer a better understanding of addictions, needed supports and information and tools for the clients families own healing to take place.

Because in the end what we all want is for the client to move forward into their new life with all the necessary tools, knowledge, self awareness, humility, love, hope and an intimate understanding that this is a journey, and that all that treatment has provided is a solid foundation and the necessary education needed for LIFE on this journey and that the voyage is beautiful.