Our Approach to all Addictions

The clinical professionals at our ranch have designed a program that is effective and appropriate to treat all forms of addictive behaviour.

Although we focus mostly on chemical addictions (alcohol and drugs), our program also addresses the behavioral addictions such as gambling, sex and romance addiction and other dependencies that often accompany the chemical addictions.

Our program also recognizes that there are often concurrent mental disorders that accompany addictions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and other mental illnesses.

On admission, a full evaluation is performed. Following the evaluation, an individual program is designed and the client is treated through an individualized case-managed basis.

The following is why we are the best choice for treatment for any kind of addiction:


Progressive Programming

  • Our staff are highly qualified, uniquely empathetic, intuitive, supportive and here for the right reasons.
  • Each client is assigned a primary counsellor with which they create their addictions treatment program. The client will also meet with other counsellors within their areas of expertise to attend to the unique individual needs of each client.
  • We offer two weekly one to one counselling sessions per client with a qualified addictions counsellor.
  • We connect our clients with support systems in their home communities. We arrange and prepay for two counselling sessions for each client upon return home with a qualified addictions counsellor. We have relationships with highly successful supportive organizations and individuals in your area. This will not be left to chance.
  • In addition, after returning home, each client will have continuing care sessions in place with our continuing care coordinators.
  • At graduation, each client becomes a member of our interactive, highly supportive alumni website with support available from other alumni.

We see great value in attending 12-step meetings and working the steps. We offer four 12-step meetings per week, but we are not a 12-step treatment centre and are not limited by this approach to primary treatment.

Holistic Healing

  • We offer both indoor and highly impactful outdoor experiential programming.
  • We offer non-mandatory First Nations led sweat lodge & sharing circle experiences.
  • We offer non-riding equine therapy programming with a professional equine therapy specialist (weather dependant).
  • We offer holistic therapies such as Mindfulness, Yoga & Tai Chi.
  • We have many available extra-therapeutic activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and other outdoor experiences that enhance our client’s recovery experience. We also have a fully equipped gym and sauna.
  • We employ world class Chefs and offer corresponding healthy, delicious, enriching cuisine.

It is proven that changing one’s environment, particularly immersion into nature, creates opportunity for deeper, more rapid positive change in the person. No treatment centre has more to offer toward this than Top of the World Ranch.


Unforgettable Experience

  • We offer our holistic, highly effective addictions treatment program in a beautiful serene setting on a 600-acre ranch at the foot of the Rockies Mountains.
  • We are very likely the most beautifully located private centre that exists and we are only 20 minutes from the urban centre of Cranbrook in the East Kootenay, British Columbia.

We are a small enough centre for highly individualized attention and large enough to employ some of the very best, highly sought after, people that work in addictions treatment. Click here to learn about our incredible Facility.

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