Treatment Center Features

Top of the World Ranch Features

Top of the World Ranch Features

All features that you now see are on the ranch itself and not in the surrounding area. It is difficult to overestimate how much our ranch features add to your overall addiction treatment experience. The serenity, the beauty, the outdoor activities, the physical, emotional and spiritual awakening while experiencing them, this all adds up to understanding that strengthens our addiction recovery. These features allow us to feel deeply, and in short order, to connect to nature and to a higher part of ourselves and to others in a way that a more institutional setting simply does not.

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Elk View Tower

The EVT provides an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains and the ranch fields and Geese Lake. It is truly a breath taking experience and a rests in a very peaceful place on the ranch.


The poustinia is a short walk from the lodge and cabins area, but is far enough removed to allow a very conducive environment for our clients, one person at a time, to take a silent retreat, of contemplation, inspired reading, and if you wish, prayer and meditation

The Lakes

We have two lakes on the ranch, Geese Lake is on the deeded ranch property and 2 kilometer long Loon Lake, where we have canoes, paddles, lifejackets is just off the Northern edge of our deeded ground and lies within our recreation lease.

Our trails, special areas, fire pits, viewing spots

We have a variety of spaces and places for you to just be, to gain proper perspective, to allow your brain to slow down and your heart to open. To breath deep, to allow for faith and to release fear.

The Sweat Lodge

After many years of contemplating offering a sweat lodge experience here at Top of the World Ranch, the time became right for us to approach our local First Nations the Ktunaxa and to ask if an Elder would be interested in facilitating sweats for our clients. We at Top of the World Ranch were very clear that we would not offer this life affirming experience without the Blessing of the Ktunaxa and their involvement in the design, the building and facilitation of the sweats. After time and consideration the Ktunaxa agreed that a sweat lodge experience offers an opportunity for powerful healing, connection and letting go. And so on March 2nd 2012 the first sweat commenced.

There have been many more since that first one, with many persons and for many reasons. Out of respect for Ktunaxa and for further shelter from the weather, we covered the lodge in a large teepee and put up two more teepees for changing rooms. The effect has been well received. The location of our lodge, at the base of the Rocky Mountains and right next to a lake, adds to the overall event. Our clients continue to tell us how transformative an experience the sweat lodge has offered, particularly due to the care and consideration given to First Nations ceremony, tradition and culture which permeates throughout the experience.

The Ranch Itself

These are some photos of the property, the fields, and the surrounding mountains and will give you a feel for what our place offers. Note that even though the pictures are beautiful, only being here, offers the full experience.