What is the weather like?

We have four beautiful seasons of weather here in the East Kootenay Valley. In fact, Cranbrook, B.C., which is a 20-minute drive away, claims the most hours of sunshine in Canada. We are in a relatively dry region and only 3,000 feet above sea level so we do not typically get the cold associated with living high in the mountains.

  • The summers are sunny, warm, dry and beautiful.
  • The autumn is usually gorgeous with temperatures very moderate and comfortable. The birds begin their migration (although some stay these days) and the sunlight is very calming.
  • Winters are cold, calming and peaceful. Due to our dry weather and very little wind, clients are often surprised by how nice it feels here in the winter. In the winter, the fireplace in our great room becomes a central focal point, as well as a great place to relax and read some inspiring literature.
  • Spring is a favourite with flowers blooming and the return of the migratory birds.

Every season offers something unique. The ranch overlooks Kimberley Alpine Resort. A claim many make about the resort is that you can mountain bike and snow ski on the same day. We hike and do outside activities year-round.

There is no unpleasant time to be at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre.

Do I need a referral to access this program?

No referral is required. However, your primary care physician must complete a pre-admission medical form to ensure the appropriateness of your admission request. Potential participants are required to complete a comprehensive admissions application form. If it is not possible for you to complete the medical examination with your primary care physician prior to your arrival, you will be examined by our consulting physician within two days of your arrival. There is an $80 additional fee for the admission examination when completed at the Ranch

How secure is the facility?

The facility is relatively secure in that it is protected from urban activity by distance and remoteness. It is not a “lock up”. Clients are discouraged from leaving the facility during the first two weeks of treatment unless authorized by their counsellor and/or accompanied by ranch personnel. This measure is to ensure each participant’s safety and to enhance the potential for successful accomplishment of your recovery goals. We do provide secure storage. All personal belongings that require safe keeping (wallet, purse, keys, etc.) will be locked away in your storage box here at the ranch.

Will I have access to persons outside of the facility?

Your first week here is a time of retreat. You will make and receive no calls. After this time and after consultation with your counsellor, you will have access to our client phone during certain parts of the day and evening.

Do I need spending money?

A: All extra services in which you choose to partake — including massage, reiki, store purchases, etc. — will be charged to your account and you will pay upon your departure. Items such as off-ranch store purchases, or off-ranch services that you may use, will require you to have the appropriate funds available. If you require a cash advance from the ranch on your credit card on file, you will be charged a 3% surcharge to cover our transaction fees. It is best to bring any spending money with you that you feel you will require while here.

Is drug testing done at the Ranch?

The Ranch has provisions for testing both blood and urine. During the admission process, you will be required to consent to random testing for drug and alcohol use. The use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited during the treatment program. Use of drugs or alcohol during treatment will result in immediate dismissal from the program. This dismissal is not a “punishment” for using. It is a logical consequence for violating your contract.

Can I take my prescribed medication while in treatment?

All prescriptions must be pre-approved by the treatment centre’s Clinical Director in consultation with your primary care physician. Your medications will be in your personal safe that is accessible only under supervision of the clinical staff. No prescription or over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies, are permitted to be in your possession while in treatment. Ranch personnel will not dispense medication. They supervise your access to your meds as per your physician’s directions.
When coming to the ranch we ask that you transfer all your prescribed medications to our pharmacy at:

People’s Pharmacy
#13-24th Ave North. Cranbrook, British Columbia
Tel: 250-420-4133
Fax: 250-420-4135

Our pharmacy dispenses your medications to maintain quality control and honour our licensing requirements. Our Ranch physician can also be available for you to visit in Cranbrook should the need arise or if you need to have your medications re-ordered.  If you are unable to have your medication scripts transferred to our pharmacy you will need to see our ranch physician to assist you with this.  We ask that all clients bring 5 days’ worth of prescribed medications to cover the time needed it takes to have your medications packaged.  Please bring these medications in a medication vial that has a date, name of client, prescribing physician and updated medication with appropriate dosages and administration times.

Medications Information downloadable pdf

If I leave treatment before it is completed do I get a refund on my fee?

: A $4.000 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space and treatment date. The remainder of payment is due upon arrival. Our refund policy is as follows:

When a medical discharge takes place as described in A & B below, the payee will receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of their planned stay with us, less $2,500 of the deposit.

Our refund policy is as follows;

  1. When a medical discharge is deemed necessary, and is initiated by Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre staff, for previously disclosed ailments.
  2. For a medical discharge initiated by a medical physician concerning an ailment(s) not previously known to the client or treatment centre staff.

If a client chooses to leave treatment prior to the completion of their program OR a client is asked to leave treatment for not adhering to their treatment agreement, such as rule breaking and lack of participation, a pro-rated refund will be issued for the remainder of their stay, minus the non-refundable deposit of $4,000 and a $550 empty room charge, both of which are applied to the end of the stay, therefore no refund is provided for the last nine days of treatment.

*Any monies owing to the ranch will subtracted from any refunds issued for any reason. The refund is calculated beginning the day after discharge.

Our office would be pleased to answer any additional questions or concerns that you may have. Call 1-888-689-9876

Will I have free time to myself?

Each day you will have the opportunity to have “private time” for reflection, meditation, prayer, creative activities, exercise or simply rest. Your focus while here is on yourself and your program. For the safety of all clients, please cooperate with support staff at all times. The structure of the program is purposefully intense and vigilantly supervised. Within the routine there are plenty of light-hearted periods that involve your participation with a small group or the whole group.

Is it a mixed gender/co-ed program?

The program is mixed gender and most activities are co-ed. Some group therapy sessions are exclusively for male or female clients respectively. All personnel are sensitive and responsive to any discomfort the mixed gender environment may invoke. The Ranch creates as “regular” a social context as possible in order to strategically guide you to appropriately respond to “regular” stresses that you will undoubtedly encounter after treatment. The Ranch also stresses to each client the importance of good and solid boundaries along with healthy relationships both in and outside of treatment.

What if I deem I do not have an addiction or do not want to be in treatment but feel obligated due to various pressures from family, friends, work etc?

If you feel you do not need to or want to recover, to heal from the inside out, or are attending treatment to appease others, or if you do not wish to fully participate in our program and to trust that we have your best interests as our own, then we are likely not the best place for you. Our staff is not equipped in aversion therapy and we are not an “IN YOUR FACE” treatment center. Our program is built upon respect, guidance, instruction, compassion, and evidence based therapies & counseling. More aggressive methods do exist and if this is what you require, then other centers may be better equipped to fill your needs.

What determines a loan approval?

We look at the following: a) Credit history, b) Ability to pay, c) Employment.

Can I apply with a co-signor?

Of course. Simply have your co-signor complete the applicable portion of your application form and fax it to us.

What if I apply for financing and decide to pay for my medical procedure through other means?

No problem, simply inform Top of the World Treatment Centre as to your preferred method of payment.

Can I repay the loan before the end of the term?

Yes, you can repay the loan at any time WITHOUT PENALTY.

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