Family Support

Family Support

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre we understand the importance of reaching out to those that have been impacted by the addiction of a loved one.

We also understand the importance and need for our client’s families to secure their own support that is gained through shared information and participation in our family program. Participation in the Family Program allows for deeper understanding and allows for the potential of the families own healing to take place.

With that, Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre has implemented a four day intensive family program for those living with the disease of addiction. Evidence-based research shows that families who are impacted by addiction require support for themselves as well as for the recovering addict. We understand that addiction and recovery impacts families on many levels and we at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, provide support to the families, friends and employers of our clients that reflects this knowledge. Our program respects the diversity that occurs in families by providing appropriate education, communication, recovery and cultural sensitivity within the extended family. We strongly encourage all of those who are of the age 19 years and older and that have experienced the disease of addiction through a loved one, to take this opportunity and join us for our family support program. We look forward to providing you with tools that will support you as you heal, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically within your family unit while bringing greater empathy and understanding to this most challenging disease: addiction. We feel so strongly about the importance of family involvement that we charge no additional fees for attendance to this 4 day program.

*There is no additional fee for family members to participate in our family weekends.

The feedback we have we have received thus far from family members that have participated in our family has been outstanding. 100% highly positive.

We will look forward to seeing you and we know that this will be a moving and beneficial experience for you.


Family Program Information

The goals of our family program are:

  • To help you understand the disease of addiction, what creates vulnerability to this disease and how people do recover.
  • To help you understand the impact that living with addiction has had on your own life and how you can also begin a process of healing.
  • To help you to make changes that result in a more fulfilling and rewarding life.
  • To provide you with tools and links to support that will can assist you in your journey.

To provide you with tools and links to support that will can assist you in your journey. Our Family Program is offered approximately every six weeks, Wednesday through Saturday. Lunches are included daily, as well as breakfast on Saturday morning. Families will stay at a local hotel and drive themselves to the Ranch for programming during the days. Top of the World Ranch has a corporate rate at a few of the local hotels including the Best Western (250) 417-4002 and the Sandman (250) 426-4236 and Elizabeth Lake Lodge (250) 426-6114 hotels.

Family Program is also by invitation, and an email will be sent to you formally inviting you to attend. Please also note that Family Intensive Program is not suitable for anyone under the age of 19 years old.


Family Program Schedule

Day 1 - Wednesday

8:00am                  Registration
830am                   Welcome and Introductions
915am                   Family Roles (lecture)
1015am                 Break
1030am                 Family Systems and Codependency (lecture)
1200pm                 Lunch
100pm                   Boundaries (lecture)
215pm                   Break
230pm                   Small Groups
400pm                   End of day

Day 2 - Thursday

830am                    Morning readings (large group)
930am                    Family Progression (lecture)
1045am                 Break
1100am                 Shame (lecture)
1200pm                 Lunch
100pm                   Addictive Disorders (lecture)
300pm                   Break
315pm                   Small Groups
400pm                   End of day

Day 3 - Friday

830am                    Morning readings (large group)
915am                    Family Picture exercise
1030am                  Break
1045am                 Collusions/Communication
1200pm                 Lunch
100pm                   Family share (small groups)
300pm                   Small Groups
400pm                   End of day

Day 4 - Saturday

830am                    Morning readings (large group)
915am                    Karpman’s Triangle
1030am                  Break
1045am                  Values and Priorities exercise (small groups)
1200pm                  Lunch
100pm                    Values and Priorities (cont.)
200pm                    Graduation and Closing of group
300pm                    End of day