Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Treatment Center Facilities

Treatment CenterTreatment Center Facilities

Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centres Main Lodge is an impressive log structure. The lodge has a large great room with a rock fireplace that along with the leather and handcrafted furnishings, offers a warmth and feel reminiscent of wilderness lodges from a bygone era. The lodge has a variety of decks, covered and open, for you to relax and take in the Rocky Mountains to our East as you overlook the rolling hills that lead to the Purcell Mountains to our West. The views are stunning, world class. This is truly a trophy property comprised of 600 acres surrounded by nature.

The lodge contains a fully equipped gym with free weights, and a variety of cardiovascular exercise equipment. The also has an infra-red sauna and roller bed.

On the second floor, the lodge houses our female population in 3 two room suites. There is also a women’s only lounge area, the serenity room. We have 4 private rooms at the lodge with exterior doors on the lower level that are for both sexes.

GymnasiumThere are many areas around the lodge and cabins to relax and take in the beauty of the ranch and surrounding wilderness. There are countless places to walk, hike, or to mountain bike. Depending on the time of year, you will have opportunity to canoe the lake, go fishing, or snowshoe. You can meditatively walk the labyrinth or just sit, just be. Our clients often gather at our river rock fire pit to share quality time, to watch a roaring fire and to engage in heartfelt discussion of the day’s events

Within the beauty of the ranch, it may happen, that suddenly, you discover that you find yourself to be present, that you are in the moment, that you are in your heart and out of your head…and then you get a glimpse, you feel it, you feel…you come to realize, that you, the real you is still there and that you always have been. There still exists the authentic you. You have just been covered up, and stored away under the layers of using and abusing, of grief and loss…

Here is something really cool.

Addiction lives and works from the worst parts of ourselves, the parts we try to keep hidden. Addiction works through our fears, insecurity, isolation, resentment and anger. Addiction raises those darker parts to the surface and we find ourselves acting in ways that we know is not really us.

What is cool about that you ask?

The cool part is that recovery works from the opposite. Recovery works from the best parts of ourselves, from our confidence, our relationships to others, our connections, our kindness, our love, compassion and tolerance. We find that Recovery is not worth having if we do not become improved versions of ourselves. It is necessary to improve or we will not want it.

Our food deserves special mention, actually much more than special mention.

We truly have first rate chefs who utilize daily fresh organic (whenever possible) whole foods in the preparation of healthy, sumptuous and well-presented meals. We are high end restaurant quality food. We will put our food up against any centre at any price anywhere. We encourage our clients from the start of their stay with us to make healthy lifestyle choices. We assure you, that like all people here, you will greatly enjoy the variety of healthy fare that we serve you.

As a holistic drug and alcohol treatment center, we understand the importance of and do our best to promote healthy mind, body and spirit. From the large comfortable log beds and handmade furnishings you will find in your room, to the fully adjustable executive style chairs in our meeting rooms, to the leather furnishings in our great room, you will find that your comfort while here with us is a high priority.