Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre

You feel trapped by your addiction. You cannot see how you can be happy if you cannot drink, if you cannot use. You know that you cannot be happy if you do. Your life seems to be hanging on by a thread and you are falling apart at the seams.

You know your life could be better. Something in you knows, something hidden away under the layers of addiction, resentment, fear, anger, frustration and lack of control knows that life can be better than this, it HAS to be better than this — but how?

Join us in Fort Steele, B.C. The incredible natural beauty of British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains enhances our ranch with purpose. Here, recovery from alcohol addiction, from drug addiction, and from other behavioral and process addictions, is made possible.

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, our rehab programs work. That said, integrity is vital to our success. If you TRULY DO NOT want sobriety and ARE NOT READY for the personal growth opportunities we can help you achieve, we ask that you do not come to Top of the World Ranch until you are ready.

The Top of the World Treatment Centre if Fort Steele BC is truly an amazing place.

We Understand

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we understand the confusion, the fear, of “why do I keep doing this?” and “why can’t I stop?” We understand the need to “control it this time” — and failing.

We use an individualized case management process for each client. We create a treatment plan with goals, specific to each individual. We offer one-to-one addictions counselling sessions. This allows us to attend to our clients’ individual needs within the context of an excellent, overall treatment program.

At Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we know that addictions are fully treatable.
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