Our Success Rate for Treatments

Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre conducts itself with utmost integrity.

We operate our centre with the respect, compassion and accountability of our clients as first priority.

Our integrity also extends to the clear reporting of our addiction treatment results.

Based on data from November 2010 to June 2017:

90% of our clients

have completed our program.

Of those who completed the program…

  • 91% are “completely satisfied” with the program;
  • another 6% say the program is “very effective”;
  • 2% say the program is “effective”;
  • and only 1% said the program is either “somewhat effective” or “not effective”.

Our aftercare reporting shows that…

  • 82.8% of our clients report continuous sobriety after two weeks;
  • 75% after eight weeks;
  • and 62.6% of clients report continuous sobriety since leaving treatment here, regardless of how long ago that was.

We also believe that success is deeper than the numbers.

Success is gaining a better understanding of yourself, of substance abuse, of its root causes and how addictions can be treated. It’s having the necessary knowledge and tools in place for a happy, fulfilling sober life. It’s having your relationships improve.

It’s moving forward with all the necessary tools: knowledge, self-awareness, humility, love and hope.

Life is a journey, and our treatment provides a solid foundation and the necessary education needed for this beautiful voyage.

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